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Strategic Growth Portfolio

Our Strategic Growth Portfolio seeks to capital appreciation. 


Our suite of strategies offer exposure to multiple asset classes that take advantage of our active quantitative management process.  We offer strategies that provide diversification and access to different factors that can be customized for a specific investor or serve to enhance a current portfolio.  

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Fundamental Momentum

Strategies are based on a disciplined stock selection process that is driven by the trends and momentum in analyst earnings estimates, and supported by price momentum and valuation measures. The strategy screens for stocks with improving analyst earnings estimates, strong recent risk-adjusted returns, and favorable valuations based on expected future earnings.  Portfolios are reviewed monthly and have typical holding periods of 5-6 months.  

The Fundamental Momentum strategies are all based on the same underlying drivers, but can be applied to various categories of stocks based on client interests.   The strategies to be offered include:

Diversified Large-Cap: a portfolio of large- and mid-cap US stocks constructed to offer both above-average returns and a high level of diversification, yielding portfolios which are expected to have lower than average market sensitivity and volatility. 

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Strategic Growth

This strategy focuses on sectors and companies that are positioned for longer-term growth.  We focus on companies that have a competitive advantage in the new economy that is influenced by globalization and technology.  It is primarily composed of US large cap stocks but can have exposure to mid cap and small cap US stocks as well as international securities.  This is a long-only strategy that may hold 30-50 positions.  Initial positions can range from 1.0% to 6% of the total portfolio and we will rebalance the portfolio, at times, to avoid over-concentration.   

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Dynamic Multi-Asset Portfolio

This portfolio is a tactical strategy that actively seeks investment exposures in traditional and non-traditional asset classes that provide the best risk/reward characteristics while maintaining flexibility and liquidity in the portfolio.  We begin with a macro-economic view of global markets and then screen for opportunities.  This portfolio may contain active and passive strategies including sectors, individual securities and investments in different countries.  We are able to customize this portfolio for clients based on specific risk tolerance.  This portfolio can represent a complete asset allocation for a client or a core position that is complemented by other strategies.  

Equal Momentum 

We take the top positions, ranked by percentage allocated, from our Fundamental Momentum and Strategic Growth portfolio's, to create a unique model that balances growth, momentum and low-volatility securities.   The positions are weighted equally, within a certain range, in order to lower the risk exposure towards one individual company.  This portfolio seeks capital appreciation but attempts to limit some of the wild swings we tend to see in currents markets that are influenced by many factors.  Holding are reviewed monthly and hedging strategies may be added under more volatile conditions.  

ESG Strategies 

We are able to screen our current strategies, Fundamental Momentum and Strategic Growth, for ESG factors and to create a customized portfolio for clients.  Sustainable investing has gained in popularity, as some investors are concerned about environmental (E), social (S), and governance (G) issues.  By screening our current positions, for ESG factors, we eliminate companies that do not meet ESG criteria.  We will be utilizing Thomson Reuters ESG Scores, a service provided by our custodian, Interactive Brokers, among several other resources, to create an individual score for each company in either of our portfolios.  Please contact us for more information.  More information to follow.    

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