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Dynamic Multi-Asset Portfolio

Tactical Global Diversification 

Global Investing in multiple asset classes all in one portfolio

If we consider the constant movement of today's global markets along with the continuous growth of technology its important to have a portfolio that reflects the dynamic changes in global economies.  We have designed a portfolio that utilizes passive and active investments with exposure to individual global equities, factors, multiple sectors, global fixed income, currencies, commodities, and other asset classes that are liquid. 


This strategy seeks to deliver risk-adjusted returns.  It follows a tactical approach with very flexible guidelines.  We overlay this strategy with a macro-risk model that allows us to adapt a forward-looking portfolio rather than looking at historical returns and hoping future performance will be replicated. 


The Dynamic Multi-Asset Portfolio can be used as a core position within your overall asset allocation or can easily be adapted as your entire investment portfolio that provides global diversification.  

Composition of the Portfolio

Our flexible guidelines allow us to compose the portfolio by using the following core asset classes with a tactical focus while seeking to achieve risk-adjusted returns.  We will be offering two models: 1) will be a more aggressive, higher beta version seeking to outperform the All Country World Index (ACWI) and 2) the second model will be a lower volatility portfolio targeting a total return that exceeds the blended 60% All Country World Index/40% Barclays Global Aggregate Bond Index.  By utilizing passive and active investments we are able to create broad exposure or take a more concentrated focus when the appropriate opportunities are presented.  

Dynamic Multi-Asset Portfolio As a Core Holding

The Dynamic Multi-Asset Portfolio may also be used a core position in your overall allocation. It provides exposure to a global diversified portfolio, while allowing the investor the opportunity to adjust the outer asset classes in a more tactical manner.

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